Hutton-One Year Milestone Photo Shoot

I LOVE these milestone sessions! It's an hour of pure fun and magic! Included are classic heirloom images, along with hilarious, can't stop smiling candid shots that will have you laughing out loud!

Oh, and that sweet little heirloom outfit you've been saving? Your baby can only rock that for a limited time! Don't let the clock run out---snag those portraits before they're too big for their britches!

With so much variety, it's a perfect opportunity to turn those memories into a super cool, deluxe album, freezing all that cuteness into one place, and something you and your baby will always treasure! Or, if your more of print lover and into displaying that adorable face where everyone can enjoy it, creating some framed wall pieces would be perfect! Whatever you choose, I promise, you'll love it forever!

Teresa Edwards Photography is based in Daleville, Alabama specializing in baby and dog portraits-"Focusing on the Faces You Love Most"