November 13, 2021

I wanted to blog about this wedding because I was so impressed and interested in all the history that came with it. So in Caitlin's words and mine, here goes!

From the Victorian Era, the full saying is, " Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe."

The bride made sure all of her family traditions were included and even created her dress from part of her mother's wedding gown, her mom's best friend's gown, and then stitched them together atop a new tulle skirt. The clip she wore in her hair also came with a cute story since it was bought during her best friend's bachelorette party while wandering the Forum at Caesar's Palace where there may or may not have been a little alcohol involved ;-) Her best friend was the first of their Girl Scout Troop to get married and now Caitlin is the third of the Troop to wear it as something borrowed. Caitlin's family has strong ties to their roots in Ireland, so she explained to me instead of a British sixpence, she carried a 1928 Irish sixpence in her shoe brought back by her Great Grandmother's boyfriend after serving during WW2. The handkerchief she held has special meaning to the women in the family as well. It's been carried by Wells brides (mom Shelley's maiden name) starting with her great, great, great grandmother in 1860, and her mother made it for her wedding!

One more fun fact..... the new Mrs. Painton was an Irish dancer for 14 years until she left for college! LOVE IT!